1534 Main street North Vancouver
Monday - Saturday 10AM - 8 PM


Clear and consistent communication is the secret of make your design, renovation and construction experience smooth and easy. Your project manager is your only contact. You can rely on he/she for any specific need in any stage of your renovation process. Just make a phone call and we answer all your needs.

Come and explore our North Shore Showroom. Tell the project manager about your needs and taste. If you have any specific requirement or even a dream design on your mind, don’t be shy to tell us about it. We are here to make your dream come true

Our team will be visiting your location, assess existing conditions and identify risks may be involved.  We evaluate the scoop of the project and give you an idea of required financial, emotional and time commitments for the process

A written proposal/quote will be presented to make sure both parties are agreed with terms of the project and the service we offer. Now it is time to trust us to do all the hard work with a focus on quality and efficiency. You just need to sign your name. Then sit back and relax

The designers will do the hard work. All you need to do is to choose the material you like. From, flooring, plumbing kitchen cabinets and accessories, bathroom furniture, etc. we got you covered. Our North Shore showroom is a one-stop shopping spot. You don’t need to waist your precious time looking for materials all around the city. All you need for a total renovation is here at North shore Kitchen and Bath Gallery

While we are busy doing the work for you, you will have time to chill during the estimated project time. Meanwhile if you have any questions or doubt about anything, your project manager is your contact through the whole process

Now that we are done with your project, it is time for you to pack your bags and move in to your dream home

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